Dr. Zerri Gross, is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Dr. Gross holds a Doctorate of Education in Counseling Psychology. Dr. Gross has completed training to incorporate therapeutic discussions on the topics of racism, cultural competency in service providing fields, and specifically to support clinicians in providing culturally sensitive services. Dr. Gross is also a certified trauma informed yoga instructor, Reiki master healer, Goddess Temple Priestess, Crystal and Sound Healer.

Dr. Gross is a Veteran who has worked effectively with adolescents, healers, therapists, veterans and other industry professionals using evidence based practices and a wholistic approach to meet people where they are to get them where they want to be.

Whole Life Coach

Dr. Z is a licensed Marriage and family therapist who hold a Doctorate of Education degree in Counseling Pyschology. Dr. Z has been instrumental in supporting many professionals in achieving their life goals. Dr. Z is a retired Veteran who also provides trauma informed yoga classes and offers alter healing modalities such as Reiki, sound and crystal healing. Dr. Z began officially whole life coaching in 2015. As a scholar, she began to notice consist themes in working with her private clients. Dr. Z began documenting her process for helping people move from a yearning to be great to manifesting with clarity the life they wanted. Dr. Z then developed a coaching protocol to support building the foundation of these four components: Mind, Body, Self, and Reclamation. Dr. Z used her training in multiple traditional and alternative healing modalities to support a wholistic approach to coaching that differs from providing psychotherapy.

Shameless plug for successes client have experienced: Creating a five star rated million dollar Black owned daycare. A gentleman that went from doing multiple passions to completing a teacher certification in Special Education using his love of acting and building a Black owned tutoring business. A lovely woman who has gone from working in a school district to doing her passion of helping people on the road to substance recovery and a bi-coastal catering business. A lovely millennial who went from not being clear on what she wanted to do to creating a thriving youtube channel and feeling good about who she is as a person. And just one more, an amazing therapist who finally owned his confidence and ventured out into private practice while still supporting the adolescent community he holds dear to his heart.

Yoga Instructor

Dr. Z is a Veteran, licensed marriage and family therapist, and trauma informed yoga instructor. Dr. Z began her journey towards find ways to care for herself and the people she encounters. Dr. Z had provided therapy services for over ten years when she decided to explore other healing modalities and began to explore yoga. After completing her first Reiki training, she discovered tht she needed to do more as she continued work on her physical body. Dr. Z, at the time, was consistently weight lifting and recognized that she needed to explore other means of physical movement and access to uniting her body and mind. In 2016, completed her 200 hours Hatha yoga training and, later in the year, a specific trauma informed yoga certification through CoCo.

From the moment the certification was complete Dr. Z has been providing yoga classes at her own studio, previously located in South Los Angeles, Sierra Madre/ Pasadena YMCA, and currently at her home studio in San Gabriel/ Pasadena virtually. Dr. Z provides the following types of yoga: Hatha, Vinyasa flow, Yin, Restorative, and more to come such as Aerial yoga for all levels.

Temple Priestess

Dr. Z is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist; Veteran, trauma informed Yoga instructor, and a Temple Priestess. In 2015, Dr. Z experienced some traumatic life events while providing services for others and caring for her daughters. Dr. Z became clearly aware that she needed to make some changes in herself to become a better woman, mother, therapist, spouse, etc. Dr. Z began a two year joinery to become a Temple Priestess. In the midst becoming a Temple Priestess she also embarked on taking several healing modalities to become a Reiki Master healer, sound healing, crystal healing, tarot reading, and a few other alternative healing modalities.

Dr. Z began to take in the trainings and life experiences to develop a program to help women begin to embody their feminine energy and heal past hurts and traumas called the Greater Goddess Vibes. Dr. Z has been supporting women in exploring the levels of hither chakras and how to begin the process to embody their GreaterSelf as Dr. Z has be able to do for herself and build the open healing for her daughters to do the same.

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