This program is provided to help mental health professionals in achieving greater professional and personal fulfillment


Transforming Therapists into their Greater Self

Be the CEO of your life so you can show up
in the greatest version of yourself as a therapist!



Transforming Therapists into their Greater Self

Be the CEO of your life so you can show up in the greatest version of yourself as a therapist!

My name is Dr. Zerri Gross. I am a Time Management Coach trained to help therapists find clarity on their purpose in life, create a healthy relationship with their time and money, and build confidence in the reclamation of manifesting their greatest life though their mind, body, and self.

Greater Self Time Management Whole Life Coaching Program is an established protocol that will assist all therapists in developing clarity in business, personal life, and legacy building. These sessions are private sessions with Dr. Z that allow you to improve time management, accomplish more in less time, and feel happier, more energized, and fulfilled.

Self Guided Whole Life Coaching


Includes 30min Strategy Session, Greater Life Manifesto and Workbook for 90 Day Program

Group Whole Life coaching


4x Group Sessions per Month

Individual Whole Life Coaching


4x Individual Sessions per Month



 At GreaterSelf Yoga Class, we keep the balance of your body in taking exercise in each session. 


Keeping this inner energy balanced, we can enjoy long and healthy lives through healing sessions.



Explore a deeper relationship with your feminine power. Develop an intimate relationship with yourself as a Goddess and your needs. 

What you will receive when
working with Dr. Z

Are you stressed out, overwhelmed, and wish you just had more time in the day? Do you find yourself staying up late into the evening or canceling social plans to work on weekends to catch up just so you’re not drowning in paperwork the next week? Do you find yourself thinking about how much documentation you still have to do when you are “relaxing?” Or spending time doing other activities (i.e., chores, binging TV shows, or just lying around) in order to avoid documentation and other tasks that need to be completed, which ends up just increasing your stress level? Or maybe you neglect self-care, professional growth, and other essential activities (i.e., eating meals, paying bills, scheduling appointments, answering phone calls) in favor of working and meeting deadlines? Have you tried multiple things like taking time off, venting to coworkers and supervisors, adjusting your schedule, taking on a part-time job, or switching jobs, but you still feel stuck or just don’t have the energy to make the changes you think will help?

In working with me, you will feel competent and confident about your choices around money, start to manifest more money, and change how you look, feel, and even how you think about yourself. I will help you regain control of your finances, time, and purpose, and guide you in ultimately gaining clarity on your path in life so you can start to live up to your full potential and turn your dreams into reality.

Does it seem like something is missing in life?

This is why I created the Greater Mind Free Training. Five Days packed into one video training where I teach you how to do exactly that! Unlock Your FREE Video Training

Therapy VS. Whole Life Coaching.

If aren't sure which you need most to take your life to another level and become your #GreaterSelf , make sure to watch the video we provided above to understand more about the difference between Therapy and Whole Life Coaching.

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Greater Self Manifestation Planner 2022

Its a planner to help motivate you to set goals, organize your schedule, and manifest the life you want.

Starts at $50.75

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This is the place where you shift your relationship with money, self, and the rest of your greater life!!!

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