What is Hatya Yoga?

Hatha Yoga is what we normally refer to when we think or talk about yoga in general. It involves the combining of breath, body, and mind when doing exercises and meditation. Studies show that hatha yoga helps relieve stress, improve emotional health, build up good habits, and others more. Hatha is also known to increase mind-body health through physical and spiritual exercise.

Yoga practitioners, or yogis, have always professed benefits to practicing yoga. And now, their word is backed up by medical studies. According to the research done by the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, they see how yoga can help someone with the following:

  • Anxiety and Depression – Yoga can help relieve the symptoms of anxiety, but it doesn’t affect clinically diagnosed conditions.
  • Balance – Yoga can improve balance within people.
  • Emotional Health – Yoga has a positive impact on mental health and is said to build up inner strength.
  • Mindfulness – According to a 2018 survey, yoga practitioners have shown improved mindfulness and motivation to join in activities.
  • Sleep – Yoga is a great way to improve the quality of sleep of a person. 
  • Stress Management – According to studies reviewed by the NCCIH, those who practice yoga can benefit from better physical and emotional stress management.

Considered as ‘gentle yoga,’ Hatha yoga focuses on static postures, which is great for beginners. However, while it is gentle, it can be challenging both mentally and physically. Each instructor has a unique style to teaching a Hatha class, but our classes at GreaterSelf.org begin with a warm-up, following by moving into postures and ending with meditation.

Hatha classes are perfect for stretching, unwinding, and releasing tension. Hatha yoga provides the right counterpoint to those with busy lifestyles and those who like cardio workouts. If you feel Hatha is too slow for you, you can try other yoga styles, like Vinyasa.

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