Transitions in life can be unsettling, frustrating, and challenging. They can also be a period of personal development and a chance to gain a fresh perspective on oneself. Dr. Z works directly with clients to assist them in making decisions and  change how they approach life.

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Life is Tough

Dr. Z supports people being able to take ownership of their life and get their mental and emotional affairs in order.

It's time to make a change!

It’s time to make a change! Let’s work together to reduce stress and assist them live more balanced, happy, and healthy lives.

“I just wanted to take the time to say thank you. Even though our time working together was brief, I’m really grateful for the impact you made on my life. You really helped me with my financial life, and that has helped me expand my mind and life in ways I’ve never experienced before. And not to mention all the insanely whenever I was doubting myself or just didn’t know what to do, thank you. You always knew exactly what to say to give me the boost or mental shift I needed, Thank you so much! “

“Feels like therapy is working. He has a voice. It’s okay to have needs and he is feeling good with expressing needs. Can tolerate not being responsible tor ex-partner’s happiness. Feels solid with control, boundaries and not being co-dependent. Isn’t willing to sacrifice his own happiness for other’s happiness.”

“I enjoy talking my therapist and glad am glad I have a space to vent and just talk. “

“I really appreciate the way you phrase things. It makes it easier.”

“I am forever grateful for all the help you have brought me for the time we have worked together. You’re an amazing therapist and all your clients are lucky to have you. I learned a lot.”

“I’m forever grateful for everything you did for me as a teenager. Helping me over come obstacles in my life. Helping me find who I was as a person. Thank you.”

Therapy vs. Whole Life Coaching


Dr. Z

Dr. Z is a licensed marriage and family therapist who holds a Doctorate of Education degree in Counseling Psychology. Dr. Z provides traditional psychotherapy in her private practice to professionals to decrease stress, anxiety, depression, inattentiveness, and lack of foucs in their profession and personal life as they transition through stages of change.

Are you dealing with stress and anxiety as a result of life changes? Do you want to make changes to how you show up and function in life so you can move forward with living life on your terms?

Dr. Z has a passion for working with young and mature adults who are experiencing stress and anxiety as a result of professional and/or personal transitions in life. If you or someone you care about fits this description, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can talk more about your issues.

Dr.Z uses her skills tools learned through yoga, alternative healing modalities and looking at the person as a whole to increase self-confidence ability to manage stressful situations, develop new ways to cope with obstacles, and adapt to changes in a healthy manner that supports you.

Understanding Psychotherapy

  • Consult a psychotherapist for a healthy mind and body. When you reach a moment in your life where you require professional assistance, you want to speak with someone you can trust and with whom you are at ease. A good friend can listen, but only a psychotherapist has the skills and expertise to assist you learn to cope when you’re stressed.
  • Psychotherapists use one or more psychotherapy theories to help them through the process of comprehending clients and issues, as well as generating solutions.
  • Working in a therapeutic relationship with a psychologist, therapist, or counselor allows you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and behavioral patterns. It may also assist you in developing new coping skills and practices to help you better manage daily stressors and symptoms related to your diagnosis.
  • Fears, anxiety, and depression can all be alleviated with psychotherapy. Some people will see results after six to twelve sessions, while others may require treatment for several years. Each person’s experience with psychotherapy will be unique, as will the time it takes for them to achieve results.


Individual sessions are for 50-55 mins each session.

You can make inquires via email: [email protected]. You will recieve email confirmations upon completing a consultation, determining this is a good fit, scheduling an assessment appointment. There is an option for text reminders also.

All sessions are conducted via telehealth.

We currently accept limited insurances: Optum and Private pay

If you have any questions regarding availability before booking, please call: 818-792-7770