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Whole Life Coaching Program Self Guided (90 days/12 weeks)


This is your guide to creating your Greater Life; becoming who you always wanted to be. Over the next 90 days/12 weeks you will begin to transform you life from these three pillars: mind, body self. The final component of this process is the reclamation process where you take the work that you have done and set the routine, life style, and goals for the rest of your life moving forward as your Greater Self.

Greater Whole Life Coaching Manual (Greater Life Manifesto:The Book)  and the accompanying workbook (Greater Life Manifesto: The Workbook) are available for download upon purchase.


Greater Self Whole Life Whole coaching is an established protocol that will assist you in developing clarity in business, personal life, and legacy building. The self guided protocol and accompanying workbook allow you to directly access the specifics for your path and where how you can go from knowing you were meant for are but haven’t been able to achieve it. WLC takes you from not having the life you want to manifesting what you’ve always desired and living your Greatest Life ever. Week by week complete the readings from the Greater Life Manifesto Book and follow up with the actions in the accompanying Greater Life Workbook.

The manual and workbook will sent separately after confirmation of purchase.


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