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Whole Life Coaching

Greater Self Whole Life Whole coaching is an established protocol that will assist you in developing clarity in business, personal life, and legacy building.

Greater Goddess Vibes

Explore a deeper relationship with your feminine power. Develop an intimate relationship with yourself as a Goddess and your needs.

Yoga Classes

Greater is a premiere Yoga Studio where you can find many styles of Yoga, and many courses, training’s, and certifications designed to increase Yoga mastery, health and well-being.

Sound Healing Session

Music can help us in many ways when used for healing. With it, we can boost our physical and emotional well-being. Find good health and inner peace with our help at Greater Self.

Crystal Healing Session

Some people believe crystals contain healing powers that can affect the body and mind. With these different crystals, Greater Self can help you relax as you relieve stress and loosen up.

Reiki Healing Session

In some parts of the world, like Japan, people believe that our bodies are kept alive by a mystical life force. By keeping this inner energy balanced, we can enjoy long and healthy lives.


About Dr. Z

Dr. Zerri Gross, LMFT, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She holds a Doctorate of Education in Counseling Psychology, working predominantly with adolescents, healers, therapists and other industry professionals utilizing the power of Yoga, Goddess Workshops, Reiki Healing, Whole Life Coaching and other evidence based practices to serve others as they embark on the journey of embracing their Greatest Self in order to ultimately experience their Greatest Life.

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This Manifesto was created to give you all the tools and knowledge necessary to keep your vessel full so your life can begin to overflow with happiness, peace, and abundance.

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These are the guides used in the Greater Mind Challenge to support you along the process. Whether you sign up for a 3 day or the webinar these guides can help any time.

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