Sound Healing Session

Music can help us in many ways when used for healing. With it, we can boost our physical and emotional well-being. Find good health and inner peace with our help at Greater Self.

Crystal Healing Session

Some people believe crystals contain healing powers that can affect the body and mind. With these different crystals, Greater Self can help you relax as you relieve stress and loosen up.

Reiki Healing Session

In some parts of the world, like Japan, people believe that our bodies are kept alive by a mystical life force. By keeping this inner energy balanced, we can enjoy long and healthy lives.

Tarot Reading Session

Tarot readings are great for helping people gain inner wisdom and find guidance for situations. If you would like to learn more, Greater Self would be happy to teach you.

Guided Group Meditation

As the name suggests, guided group meditation is a group activity where participants meditate together with the guidance of a teacher. It is a great activity to build yourself up and relax.


Dr. Z

Dr. Gross holds a Doctorate of Education in Counseling Psychology. Dr. Gross has completed training to incorporate therapeutic discussions on the topics of racism, cultural competency in service providing fields, and specifically to support clinicians in providing culturally sensitive services. Dr. Gross is also a certified trauma informed yoga instructor, Reiki master healer, Goddess Temple Priestess, Crystal and Sound Healer.

Book Schedule Now

We will contact you within 24 hours of cleared payment to book a time that works for you and us. Non-refundable. Session can be rescheduled with 48 hours advance notice. If you have any questions regarding availability before booking, please call: 818-792-7770