Greater Goddess Vibes.

Relax, Reflect and Empower

Explore a deeper relationship with your feminine power. Develop an intimate relationship with yourself as a Goddess and your needs. Build a connection with a community of women to support and empower each other as you are guided through a process to heal the relationships with the self, stereotypes, and permission to care for yourself. Take ownership of your beautiful Greater Goddess Vibes.

Rejuvenate Your Inner Goddess

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Experience the Vibes

The Greater Goddess Vibes series is a process of becoming greater in our Goddess vibes by exploring our chakras through the mind, body, and self. 


Each month as we gather and share the vibration of the beautiful Goddess that come, those sending their energy, and our ancestors we will explore a different chakra and discuss where we hold trauma, grief, self doubt, hurt, insecurities, etc.

Deep Relaxation

Once we identify where these are held in our body and the thoughts that entrap those vibrations in our minds, we will expose how it has allowed us to show up as our selves. In this sacred space and time with Goddesses we will support and make bonds together.

Temple Priestess

Dr. Z

Dr. Z is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist; Veteran, trauma informed Yoga instructor, and a Temple Priestess. In 2015 Dr. Z experienced some traumatic life events while providing services for others and caring for her daughters. Dr. Z became clearly aware thatch needed to make some changes in herself to become a better woman, mother, therapist, spouse, etc. Dr. Z began a two year joinery to become a Temple Priestess.

Society has made a point to ensure separation prevents groups of people from being able to work together and thrive. Women have been the backbone of existence as we create life. In the midst of this heavy honor, we have lost the bond that connects us together. Women have been held to a double standard and tend to work harder to achieve success in all aspects of life from motherhood, professions, relationships, health, and finances.

It is time to create a vibrate on a higher level together. An old saying: when you want to go fast go alone but when you want to achieve more go together. Something to that effect is what allows people to function on a higher level when they are supported from others and begin to live in their greatest self daily. Imagine feeling comfortable to be your greatest self and to embody all the Goddess energy that has been surpressed for many reasons?

Embodying the Goddess within you taps into a new way of existing and sending out a vibration of the world. Sharing the emotions that we have. Caring for ourselves and others in a kind and genuine way. Supporting other women and holding space for us all to succeed.


There will be opportunities to explore oracle readings, tarot readings, and Reiki healing after. Just ask how.

Price shown is to attend one workshop only. Registration opens for the next workshop in this series on 10/1/2020.

Greater Goddess will Come Soon!