To provide provide Whole Life Coaching, Yoga, Excisable Healing Modalities and Traditional Therapy, to help access the greater version of themselves. One coaching session class, workshop and private lesson at the time.


To see people of color build a legacy of greatness by incorporating Yoga, Whole Life Coaching and Healing Modalities into their life style to build realistic coping skills to navigate life. Managing real life can be hard but bringing everyday back to the essentials of breathing, movement, and how we think about life is where the journey begins. When the mind, body and self comes together, one can manifest the legacy they want through money, careers, family life and over all greater happiness as their Greater Self.


We value Individuality, authenticity, realness of different experiences, love of self through others, and healing ourselves to build our community.

About Dr. Z

Dr. Zerri Gross, LMFT, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She holds a Doctorate of Education in Counseling Psychology, working predominantly with adolescents, healers, therapists and other industry professionals utilizing the power of Yoga, Goddess Workshops, Reiki Healing, Whole Life Coaching and other evidence based practices to serve others as they embark on the journey of embracing their Greatest Self in order to ultimately experience their Greatest Life.

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